Monday, July 27, 2015

Software Security - Penetration Testing - Week 6

Question 1

What is penetration testing?
Question 2
Which of the following are benefits of penetration testing?
  • They specifically consider adversarial thinking, which is not usually necessary for normal tests
    • Adversaries will try to find weird corner cases to exploit, whereas normal users will focus on common use cases
  •  Results are often reproducible
    •  Penetration test results can be recorded and replayed so they can be reproduced
Question 3
What does it mean to "be stealthy" during a penetration test?
  •  Using encryption during tests to make the source of attacks impossible to determine
    • This might be one means for ensuring the higher-level goal of avoiding detection, but is not the only one.
Question 4
What is a web proxy?
  • A piece of software that intercepts and possibly modifies requests (and responses) between a web browser and web server
Question 5
What is Nmap?
  •  It is a scanner which works by injecting packets to a range of addresses, and inferring what hosts and services might be at those addresses, based on the responses
Question 6
What is ethical hacking?
  • Hacking systems (e.g., during penetration testing) to expose vulnerabilities so they can be fixed, rather than exploited
Question 7
Which of the following statements describe fuzz testing (aka fuzzing)?
  •  It has been used to find security vulnerabilities in many commodity programs
    •  Examples include Acrobat, Chrome, and others
  •  It is concerned with finding known-bad behaviors, like crashes and hangs
    •  Fuzzing does not use specifications, so it can only look for behaviors it knows are likely to be bad
Question 8
Which of the following are true of whitebox fuzzing?
  •  American Fuzzy Lop is (at least in part) a whitebox fuzzer
    •  American Fuzzy Lop takes into account the lines of code executed by a test in determining the next input, and thus considers the program's internals
  •  SAGE is (at least in part) a whitebox fuzzer
    •  SAGE uses symbolic execution to find test cases, and is thus guided by the program's code
Question 9
(3 pts) Which of the following is true of mutation-based fuzzing?
  •  It generates each different input by modifying a prior input
Question 10
Which of the following styles of fuzzer is more likely to explore paths covering every line of code in the following program?
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
  char buf[100];
  while (fgets(buf,sizeof(buf),stdin) != NULL) {
    int c = atoi(buf);
    if (c == 456799)
      printf("%s\n",(char *)c);
    else {
      int i = 0;
      for (i=0; i<c; i++)
  return 0;
  • Whitebox
Which of the following are functions of a network-based fuzzer?
  •  Acting as a client
    •  Network fuzzers may play any role in a network communication
  •  Acting as a "man in the middle"
    •  Network fuzzers may play any role in a network communication, and may intercept messages between legitimate roles
Question 12
Suppose you want to use fuzzing on a program to try to find memory errors; which of the following statements is true?
  •  Compiling the program with address sanitizer (ASAN) will make the source of a memory error easier to find


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